Some of the people I have trained over the years

Michael Sucsy

As a film director, it's my job to motivate others, but when it comes to the gym... I NEED MOTIVATION.  For five years Cody has trained, guided, and encouraged me to stay in top shape., keeping our workout routines fresh and exciting.  He's flexible with my erratic schedule, he's attentive and focused, and most importantly, he pushes me while still working within my (physical) limitations.   Cody is truly dedicated to fitness and to his clients.  He's not only a great trainer, he's also a great guy.  

"I am so happy to have Cody as my trainer!!!! He is great to work with because he is focused on me and my progress. My strength and health has improved since working with Cody. I am feeling energized, grounded and am extremely happy with my results. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer."

I have lived in Hoboken for over 5 years and have been a member of all the large gyms – NYSC (Uptown & Downtown), Planet Fitness, Club H, Crunch – however, I was tired of these crowded gyms with pushy salespeople.  I realized I needed private sessions with a Personal Trainer to motivate me and help me achieve my goals.  I recently started training with Cody at the FIT Lab and I absolutely love it here.  Being able to train in a private setting at a reasonable price was something I didn’t even know existed in Hoboken before I found the FIT Lab.  This place may be small, but has all the equipment you need in an extremely clean and inviting atmosphere.  I highly recommend Cody and the FIT Lab to anyone who is tired of making excuses and ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle!

Meagan E Chiappetta

"I have been training with Cody for the past 2 years in Hoboken, NJ. Working with Cody has not only transformed me physically but has also improved my overall well being. Cody is not only an exceptional personal trainer but is also well versed in the latest science in nutrition and supplements. Cody takes a great deal of time and effort creating programs that are customized to my specific goals and challenges and he is always pushing me to my limits. If you're looking for a top notch personal trainer, I highly recommend Cody Cobb."

I was referred to Cody through a friend that wouldn't stop talking about how amazing his new personal trainer was. My friend was right. Cody is exceptional and has been pushing me through plateaus that I couldn't achieve alone. If you are serious about making a dramatic change in your life, whether you are an experienced fitness fanatic or a beginner, Cody should be your first call.

David Delaney

Cody trained me for about 6 months, over which time I shed about 70lbs - for serious. Cody never cancelled, was extremely professional and honestly cared about my personal success. I highly recommend Cody, and would absolutely rank him above other trainers in the area - especially considering I've worked with a few other ones that weren't so great.

Brad C.

Hunter Parrish

I first started training with Cody when I was 19 years old.

I had just booked the movie RV & the Showtime series Weeds.

I came to Cody with a high metabolism & had a hard time putting on weight. My goal was to get bigger & put on some muscle mass. Within weeks of training, I saw noticiable results & haven't stopped training with him since. I have to give all the credit to Cody when it comes to my gains. He has become like a brother to me & I appriciate everything I have learned from him. 

If you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Cody! He is definetely one of the best out there.

Hunter Parrish

Jake West

Always a runner who worked out on my own, I was in decent shape to begin with, but wanted to get more "cut," so I started training with Cody.  I soon learned that not only does Cody use creative ways to work out and attack various muscle groups, he also pushed me harder than I pushed myself.  Cody's workouts often involve hitting two muscle groups at once - therefore maximizing your time.  After a few weeks of training with Cody, I noticed a definite improvement - for one thing, my pants were suddenly looser.  After a few months, I'd lost two inches off my waist, and gained significant muscle in my chest and arms.  (And it certainly hasn't hurt with getting attention from the ladies, either.  True story - my sexy female neighbor was suddenly paying me much more attention.)  You just have to stick with Cody's program, and you will see yourself getting ripped up as well!

Melanie Lynskey

When I got a long-term membership at my gym over three years ago, it came with some

training sessions, and Cody was randomly assigned to me. I can't believe I got so
lucky. I never thought I would want to work with a trainer, but by the time my
sessions were up, I couldn't wait to get more. Cody makes every workout a
challenging but fun experience. I was never an athletic person, but Cody has made me
excited about exercise, and his enthusiasm and care has ensured that working out has
become an important part of my life. He is able to push me without being
intimidating, and makes me feel great about what I've achieved while still
encouraging me to go further. In over three years of working with Cody, often three
times a week, he has somehow been able to introduce new exercises into every
session. After working out with Cody I always feel happy, exhilarated, and confident
that I have been pushed to my fullest potential. Cody cares so much about his
clients and loves what he does, and he is also a great guy and so much fun to spend time with. I would recommend him to everybody.

Melanie Lynskey 

"I’d worked out plenty before meeting Cody but had not done so in some time when I met him. In a matter of months he helped me shed the extra pounds and drove me to achieve even more. My waist shrank a few inches as my muscles grew. From the beginning we worked out outside taking advantage of the local parks. I had always considered weightlifting to be a boring type of exercise but now looked forward to working out because it was completely different than holing up in the gym. 
Training sessions with Cody are intense from start to finish, well-planned, and personalized for my specific goals, abilities, and objectives. Cody is 100% present during training sessions, focused on me, his client. During the sessions, I feel challenged but confident, secure that he is guiding me with knowledge, experience, and attention to form.
He takes the "personal" part of "personal training" just as seriously as the "training" part, and makes me feel like my goals are as important to him as they are to me."

Elvia Rodriguez

Cody Cobb was my trainer for 9 weeks. I really wanted to get into shape quickly, and he helped me do it!  I was a client at 24 Hour Fitness and decided to get a trainer. I would often feel overwhelmed when I walked into the gym because I didn’t know how to work out properly. I was working out regularly, but I couldn’t get my body to the next level. Cody taught me how to workout the “right” way. He was very consistent with the areas I was trying to tone, while changing up my routines, so that I wouldn’t get bored. I am now at my goal weight and size! Also, when I walk into the gym, I know exactly what to do. Thanks Cody!

Ok so I love this guy - I am three months in and 9 pounds from goal. I have given him a payment for the rest of the year as a commitment. If money talks this should say it all.
He keeps it fresh, he is there every step, he pushes hard and he is educated... not a meat head looking for a buck.
Be real about your goals and your commitment and he will work a program to get you there. Be prepared he is very seldom ok with the status quo- he pushes you till you feel like you are going to end up on the floor & at the end you will be really be glad he did.


Last but not least some of the reviews I read on Cody mentioned they see him as family. I can tell you while he is the utmost professional he is a person you just can't help liking.

He is a good man, a great trainer and someone I now call a friend.

As far as his rates, they move depending on how many sessions you sign up for. I now it various but this has been one of the best things I have done in my life.

Dr. Robert Joseph

"Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with tons of fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training,  and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun and hard. He is the real deal in the fitness industry and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."

Dr. Robert Joseph

Carmelo Anthony

Melanie Brown


I have worked with a lot of Personal Trainers, but Cody is the Best I have ever had.

Everyworkout was different & challenging. I would definetly recommend Mr. Cody Cobb to anybody looking for a trainer.

Melanie B

Keith Kaplan

Cody has been instrumental in the development of my fitness regimen and a real catalyst.  Working with him, I made solid gains in muscle development and physique enhancement.  Cody helped me exceed my expectations for what I thought I would accomplish when we started my fitness program. 

 Keith Kaplan

Los Angeles

"Cody has made a big impact on my overall health and lifestyle. 

Cody’s expertise and knowledge of fitness/health truly makes a difference when choosing a trainer. 

He takes the time to explain how the body works and breaks down what you are doing right or wrong & how to improve. 

My goal was tone and learn how to properly weight train, without bulking up too much. 

He got me to a great place where I feel confident and happy to wear those summer clothes!"

Lance S.

I worked with Cody to set new personal fitness goals in January. In just four months Cody was able to completely transform my body. I lost more than 25 pounds while gaining muscle mass and definition. For several years, I was dealing with chronic lower back pain from a previous injury and high blood pressure. Within two months I no longer required medication for either condition. Cody's expertise in a wide range of training techniques and his thoughtful approach to individual fitness goals make him unique and highly qualified. If you're looking for one of the top personal trainers in the business and you're willing to listen and work hard, Cody is trainer for you.

Nick Nordella


I came to Cody with a very specific and challenging goal. This was to build muscle as well as lean out and get cut at the same time.  A few problems though, I naturally do not retain muscle easily and I have a bad leg due to complications with a broken femur injury that left me with a plate and 13 screws in my leg.   Besides that, for anyone who knows anything about muscle building, you know that this generally requires you to build up the size and then cut down and shred out, but I didn’t have that option due to my necessity to stay thin for an upcoming role.  Well, Cody found out how to do it, and with the short time frame that I allotted him.   He made me see great results for the first time in my life, and I have trained with several other trainers in the past.   So no matter the goal, he will make it happen.  If he was still in LA I would still be training with him full time, but I plan on working with him whenever I am in the NYC area.

Thanks Cody!"


Harry Werksman

As a writer I am always in front of my computer and feel the need to be in the gym. I look forward to my training sessions with Cody. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling great. Cody has helped me to become bigger and stronger than I ever thought possible. Cody seems to be able to push me that extra little bit that I need to get the results I am looking for. Cody has always been very professional in every conceivable way: his knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and his ability to develop my weak areas. Cody always keeps up with the latest news in nutrition and supplements, and has always made his program work for me. 

Harry W.

Mike Fitzgerald
Personal training with Cody has allowed me to achieve my fitness goals and develop the good workout habits necessary to sustain these gains.  His training style represents the ideal balance of forceful intensity and thoughtful encouragement.  With his breadth and depth of fitness training knowledge, Cody is able to draw on an extensive catalog of exercises so that our workouts are always challenging and fresh
 Mike Fitzgerald
Suely Shin

Cody Cobb has been my physical trainer since August 2005.  He placed me on a comprehensive diet and exercise plan to achieve my weight loss goal of 30 lbs within four months, which I was able to accomplish thanks to his help and motivation.  He custom tailored an exercise routine for me to work around a slew of previously sustained injuries, and he was very knowledgeable when answering questions about diet and exercise. His strongest quality was his caring personality, which translated into motivation and support, which were essential in helping me achieve my goal. He was able to maintain a fine balance between being friendly and professional, which is comforting to a client.  I owe much of my current healthy lifestyle to Cody Cobb and the work he has done. 

Bianca Salvetti

I hold Cody in such High Regards. Within a month I achieved my goals, but enjoyed training so much I couldn't stop!

If you want a trainer that pushes you way past your expectations Cody is your guy. A very reliable, knowledgable trainer. I learned so much from him, Thank You Cody!

I wish you the best in NYC.

Bianca S.

Michael Brawer

When I met Cody Cobb in the winter of 2005, I can conclusively say I was in the worst physical shape of my life and was in desperate need of help.  As far back as I can remember, I had always been active and athletic, however, prior to when I began working with Cody, I had started a new job that had kept me sedentary more than I had ever been accustomed to. My long hours had also taken a toll on my food choices as I had taken to the habit of eating take-out for most of my meals.  In short, I was tethered to a desk, sitting on my ass, eating garbage and getting fat.  As the job couldn't go, I needed to make some lifestyle changes.  

I didn't have hours upon hours to devote to exercise, so I knew that the time I took for myself had to have a maximum benefit to my body.  I needed the help of a professional like Cody.  Cody not only pushed my body to its limits in the gym, but he encouraged me to make the right choices outside of it.  Cody developed a custom meal plan for me tailored to my goals.  The weight began to fall off.  Once we had accomplished that we started working on putting the muscle on.  

As I mentioned before, when I met Cody, I was in the worst physical shape of my life and I can say without hesitation that two year later I am now the best.  I am stronger and in better condition than I was in high school.  I compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am regularly able to physically overpower opponents my size or larger.  I can attribute this all to Cody.  As a working professional and an athlete I wouldn't consider working with anyone else and you shouldn't either.

Training with Cody for the last 5 years has been an amazing experience. I have played sports my whole life & I have always had coaches pushing me to get to that next level. Cody is the best Coach/ Trainer I have ever had! From his accountablity, knowledge, athletic ability, & challenging exercises. I have learned and gained so much from him.

Besides achieving my goals, I am faster, stronger, more flexible than I have ever been. 

Cody is a great person as well!

Thanks & Good Luck Bro,

Michael Leonov

Josh Olson

As a screenwriter and director I am very busy going out of town, meetings, dinners ect. When I am in Los Angeles I always feel great when I am productive & in the gym getting my butt kicked by Mr. CC.  He has helped me lose over 20 pounds, 8 waist sizes, & some muscle strength I hope to keep forever.


I was looking for an expert who would not only help me achieve my fitness goals, but would carefully document my progress during each session, and I certainly found that in Cody. I also needed somebody to push me harder than I would push myself. 

The Results of Cody's training program have given me a new sense of energy. I would definetely recommend Cody to anyone who's considering a personal trainer. Thanks Cody,

Good Luck on the East Coast!

Josh Olson

Sharon Hardwick

I had roughly 20 sessions with Cody over the course of a year. Cody is the first, and last, trainer I will ever have because over the course of our training sessions he made sure to educate me about what I needed to stay healthy and fit: from specific workouts to target certain areas, to the daily cardiovascular activity I should be getting to nutrition - he made sure I knew it all.  Even on the days that I fought working out, he was there to provide encouragement and to push me further than I would push myself.  I was able to take all the information I learned from Cody and apply it to my new lifestyle so that I will never have to pay anyone else to train me again. I can do it all on my own which is immensely empowering.  I think I started somewhere in the 137lb range.  Today I am a solid 128lbs and will be training for my first marathon in August. I recommend Cody to anyone looking for a personal trainer, without reservation.  Not only is he an excellent trainer but he is just a good, kind person.  Thanks Cody & good luck!"

David Appelbaum

This past summer I was seeking a personal trainer to tone up and gain definition.  Specifically, I wanted a larger chest, and leaner stomach.  From the first week that I started training with Cody, I knew that the results would be addicting.  Within a month, I already started seeing definition.  I would leave the gym feeling confident and my muscles protruding.  As the weeks progressed, I saw the results in my chest and arms that I was looking for.  As a bonus, I started seeing definition in places where I wasn't expecting to.  I noticed certain muscles in my back, shoulders, and legs that I didn't even know existed before.  I was lovin' it. 

I have now been training with Cody for 6 months, and my body has completely transformed.  My family and friends have noticed a dramatic improvement.  I couldn't be happier with the results.  Cody really spends a great deal of time making sure I am doing each exercise properly.  He listens carefully, and communicates effectively.  I have a much greater knowledge of the equipment, the exercises, the form, and most importantly, my own body.  Cody knows when to push me harder, and when I've reached my maximum reps./weight. 
You can search every gym to find the right trainer, but you won't find anyone as good as Cody.  He will work with you to achieve the goals you want, and along the way, you'll gain knowledge, confidence, and a great friend.
 David Appelbaum

Cody Cobb is in a class by himself.  His dedication, reliability, his superior education/training and passion toward the profession sets him apart from his peers. He has natural interpersonal skills and positive energy. 


Cody is a disciplined personal trainer but not militant.  While he pushes you to reach your goals, he has a way of getting you to enjoy the process.  He is creative and brings such a range of exercises to the table that it’s impossible to get board….there is no routine. 


Training with Cody is a rewarding process.


Pete Buonocore

David & Opal Judaken


My husband and I have joked around about how Cody is the sunshine of our week. I started working with Cody in March 2006. Soon after, my family and friends started taking notice of positive changes to my physic. My husband was so impressed with my results, and curious over the man I was so enthusiastic about, he elected to work with Cody as well.

I have always had the best intentions about eating right and working out.

As my husband says “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. My road wasn’t exactly leading to hell, it was more toward the bigger numbers on my scale and not fitting into my clothes. I was getting heavier and gravity was kicking in.

Into my life comes sunny Cody. Never have I seen him without a smile on his face, even when he pushes you to do five more crunches. Cody set attainable guidelines for my diet, negotiated a cardio schedule I could follow (and that he checked up on) and made sure our workouts not only focused on what I was obsessed with but all the other connected parts that tightened everything up while burning through fat. Cody is a natural motivator and brings positive attitude into each of his workouts. I feel and look better than I have in years. Thanks to Cody’s presence and push in our lives my husband loves my new body (almost as much as he loves his) and we have a wonderful new boost of positive energy in our marriage.


Opal & David Judaken.

I have been working with Trainer Cody Cobb on a regular basis since I joined 24 Hour Fitness. Before joining I was under treatment for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea and Snoring.
      I just had my yearly physical and have never seen a doctor more pleased with the changes I have made since working with Cody and 24 hour fitness.
When My Doctor initially saw me in the examination room, he said, "Wow, for a second there I thought you sent your younger brother in your place!" He has subsequently taken me off the medications for both High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. My Snoring has stopped and I no longer need to use a CPAP machine to sleep.      I so appreciate Cody's care and expertise in helping me get into shape as well as changing my diet using the 24 Hour Fitness Nutrition Program. In my case, all my medical problems could be attributed to my weight and diet. I hope others who struggle with similar issues would consider working with a great trainer like Cody and using the nutrition program. It really works, if you work it!