Credentials & Certifications

Growing up I was always into sports and music.  I was a little better at sports so I focused more on perfecting speed, hand/feet /eye cordination, endurance, and the love for being active.  I have played every sport possible from track & field, baseball, wrestling, soccer, football, & golf.  I excelled at soccer where I played club, high school, & for the National Olympic Development Program. Also recieveing a full ride soccer scholarship to Denver Metropolitan.  I always knew I wanted to have a career in Exercise/Fitness, Kinesiology because it came easy to me.  I studied Athletic Training before becoming a personal trainer spending 3 years (1500Hrs) with the University of Central Oklahoma sports program. There I learned a lot about the anatomy, kinesiology and rehabilitation of the human body. From there I moved to Hollywood California and continued my studies through these highly accredited certifications.